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Beno”t Germain, luthier
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35.05  €

CompositeurAPPERMONT Bert 
The starting point of the piece was bipartite. First, I wanted to create a solo piece based on the 4 colors: Yellow, red, blue and green. In the composition, the focus lies on the characteristics of these colors, as well as the emotions and associations they bring along. This way, each movement was based on one color; 1) Yellow: inspiring, stimulating, elevating (also: wisdom and light) 2) Red: dynamic, passionate evolving into dramatic, furious and struggling (also: courage and will power) 3) Blue: Melancholic, dreamy and introvert (also: truth and rest) 4) Green: Hopeful, awaiting and indefinable (also: balanced power and harmony)
EditionKameleon editions 
InstrumentationTrombone - Répertoire - Broché 
DisponibilitéSous quelques jours 
Prix en euro35.05 € 
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