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CompositeurPickering John 
TitreDrummer's Cook Book vol 2
version sans le CD
EditionMEL BAY 
InstrumentationPercussions - Batterie - Broché 
DisponibilitéSous quelques jours 
Prix en euro34.80 € 
Contenu3) extreme
2) bright
1) moderate
5. four measure fills
3) extreme
2) bright
1) moderate
4. two measure fills 66
3. phrasing in three beat groups - 3 over 4
2. thinking and playing in phrases
1. 32 bar format: aaba - form and fours
Putting it all together
Part two
9. stick on stick rimshots
B) practical examples
A) the mechanics of metric modulation
8. implied tempo changes
B) four note triplets
A) three and five note fragments
7. repeating rhythm fragments
C) four and five note triplets
B) three and five note groups
A) rhythmic displacement - the science of syncopation
6. uneven note groups
5. embellishments
4. quarter note triplets
B) high hat ?barks
A) suspended cymbals and the pedaled high hat
3. using the cymbals as an alternate voice
C) syncopating with ghost notes
B) ghost note counterpoint
A) anchoring figures at fast tempos
2. ghost notes
1. playing inside the comfort zone - tempo specific figures
Developing a vocabulary - ?the tools of the trade
Part one
A découvrir..

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