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CompositeurSchneider Friedrich 
TitreIntégrale des sonates pour piano - vol. 2 - Sonates avec numéro d'opus
Sämtliche Klaviersonaten Band 2 - Complete Piano Sonatas volume 2
NuméroEB 8942 
InstrumentationPiano - Répertoire - piano 2 mains - Broché 
DisponibilitéEn stock 
Prix en euro53.90 € 
ContenuSonate en fa mineur op. 21
Sonate ne mi mineur op. 14
Sonate en ut mineur op. 30
Sonate en fa mineur op. 27
Sonate ne ut majeur op. 26
Sonate en fa mineur op. 37
Sonate en re majeur op. 40
Sonate en sol majeur op. 80
Sonate en la majeur op. 76
Friedrich Schneider?s extensive work for piano has not to date attracted any research attention, although he enjoyed an excellent reputation as composer and conductor and was one of the most highly regarded piano virtuosos of his time. Extant of his are no less than 42 piano sonatas composed in the surprisingly brief period from 1802 to 1814, hence still before Beethoven had written any of his late sonatas. 24 piano sonatas appeared in print, many others remain simply in manuscript. In the coming years we are presenting all of Friedrich Schneider?s piano sonatas for the first time in modern editions. The sonatas are ordered within 4 volumes chronologically by year of composition, starting now with volume II, which gives an overview of Schneider?s more mature sonatas. The edition is being edited by Prof. Ulrich Urban, who has for years dealt intensively with this composer?s piano work. Schneider?s piano sonatas complement the view of this genre between Haydn and Beethoven and are an important expansion to the repertoire for both specialists and students, with technical demands representing the whole range from moderate to very difficult.
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