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11.40  €

CompositeurFauré Gabriel 
TitrePavane | op. 50 
EditionEdition Schott Mainz 
InstrumentationPiano - Répertoire - piano 2 mains - Piqué agrafé 
DisponibilitéSous quelques jours 
Prix en euro11.40 € 
The music of small forms was to become the focus of the French composer Gabriel Fauré (1845-1924). In 1874, after many years spent in the 'provinces', the teacher of Camille Saint-Saëns took the position of organist in Paris; later he worked not only as a church musician but as a teacher as well. In the summer of 1887 Fauré wrote his Pavane Op. 50, originally intended for a concert providing light entertainment, which soon gained wide popularity as an orchestral setting without and with the chorus added by Fauré. The romantic, slightly melancholy melody is a catchy tune which, thanks to the present arrangement, can now also be played on the piano.
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