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CompositeurCHANG herbert 
TitreDaily scale exercises for violin 
EditionMEL BAY Music Ltd 
InstrumentationViolon - Etudes - Piqué agrafé 
DisponibilitéSous quelques jours 
Prix en euro21.45 € 
Contenu10. fingering pattern for tour-octave scales (table 2)
9. part 2. four-octave scales
8. fingering patterns for three-octave scales (table 1b)
7. fingering patterns for three-octave scales (table 1a)
6. part i. daily scale exercises
5. bowings and rhythms for double-stop scales
4. bowings and rhythms for arpeggios
3. bowings and rhythms for single-stop scales
2. bowings and rhythms
1. preface
Designed to help people master all 24 major and minor scales. In this book, first, all the violin scales are re-organized to be more simple, practical, and easy to learn. Then all the fingerings of the single-stop scales are classified into only a few basic patterns. When practicing, violinists can study these fingering patterns first and then use them to play all 24 scales easily. Finally, all the fingerings of the double-stop scales are also re-edited to make them as simple as possible. With this approach, the process of learning violin scales is much easier than before.
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