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21.90  €

CompositeurLAKS SImon 
TitreHuit chanst populaires juifs pour soprano ou ténor 
EditionBote & Bock 
InstrumentationChant Lyrique - Mélodies & Lieder - Piqué agrafé 
DisponibilitéSous quelques jours 
Prix en euro21.90 € 
ContenuFraitik far nacht (avant le grand sabbat)
Di alte kashe (l?eternel probleme)
Gwald?e brider (le bain sacre)
In droisn is a triber tog (amour gache)
Unser rebeniu (notre rabbin)
Di gilderne pawe (le paon dore)
Wigenlid (berceuse)
Ch bin a balagole (chant du cocher)
A Pole with Jewish roots, traveller and student, the versatile composer and publicist Szymon Laks developed his artistic maturity in the fertile environment of the French capital between the world wars. Close to the École de Paris, Laks' enthusiasm and openness for popular music, neo-classicism and Polish song can also be heard in his works. His work was abruptly interrupted by the Second World War and his deportation to the Auschwitz concentration camp. In the song cycle created in 1947, which is full of tension on the frontiers between art song and folklore, Laks' most personal memories of his mother's singing - as well as of the Jewish culture in Poland, which was destroyed by National Socialism - echo through.
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